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As a Mobile App Development Company in Lucknow, Indeway has been an industry leader. The company has received numerous awards in the field of mobile application development, including being named one of Lucknow’s top five mobile app development companies. So, Indeway’s professionals use the most cutting-edge technologies to provide the best mobility solutions to our customers and maintain the company’s reputation as a famous Mobile App development company in Lucknow.

So, as a company, we’ve always been dedicated to providing the best mobile app development services to our customers. Our team of the best Mobile App Developers in Lucknow has been one of the fastest-growing companies. For our clients, we enjoy developing dynamic, engaging, and user-friendly mobile applications at Indeway. Our professional team consists of Mobile App Developers, UI Experts, Strong Web Backend Development, the Rest of the API Developers, and seasoned Project Managers who take pleasure in their work and can offer high-quality work in the least amount of time.

What Makes Us Unique

Indeway is a Lucknow-based full-service app development company. Because we’ve been redefining business possibilities with perfect apps for corporations and startups trying to stand out in their competitive marketplaces since 2017.

We love nothing more than developing best-fit apps for the most complicated client situations as a results-driven agency. The ever-changing nature of app development keeps us on our toes every day, as we investigate new technologies to ensure that your apps are future-ready. We live for the moments when the apps we create improve the perception of your brand with each click, tap, or swipe. This is our true calling. We welcome business owners at any stage of the mobile app development process at Mobile App Development Company In Lucknow. We recognize that for some organizations, having apps into the industry fast and ahead of the competition is critical. As a result, our app development process cuts down on downtime so you can start marketing your mobile app right away!

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Why Should You Hire Mobile App Development Company In Lucknow?

Android Platform is an online store. Because it gives a good sense of how many App users there are. There is no better reason to develop mobile apps for Android smartphones than this. So as a multi-award-winning Android app development company in Lucknow, we recognize this and have gathered the best Android development team in the city. Whether it’s for smartphones, wearables, or television, the end-user experience we provide is unrivaled. However, differentiating ourselves on “how we do it,” we sit back with our clients to ensure their strategic goals and help them achieve them with the greatest tech stack and skills.

How Can We Assist You?

It’s possible to make an app. Our team is here to assist you!

At Indewaty, we’ll work with you to make your most complex app a reality on major mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, and others. In order to create a successful product, two components are required: a positive user experience and a solid infrastructure. On both counts, we’ve got you covered.

We’re not the only company in Lucknow with seasoned app developers. There are a lot of creative people out there. As a result, our mobile app development approach and partnerships with clients in Lucknow set us apart.

We collaborate with clients, asking for their feedback and guiding them through the entire app development process from mobile app design to development and deployment. So, what sets us apart from other app developers in Lucknow is our commitment to creating high-quality apps that produce benefits for your company. So, we’re here to help you share your brand with the world of mobile.

Our Process For Developing App


In our initial discussion, we go over everything from analyzing your concept to market research to gathering requirements. As a leading mobile app development company, we would research your industry’s competitors in the Play Store and create UI prototyping to get farther down the funnel.


Following that, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis that will serve as the project’s foundation. After that we design the basic mobile strategy right to assure amazing visuals, starting with establishing your USP, wireframing, technical feasibility study, and distinguishing your income model.


We employ human-centered design based on UI/UX designs to develop your Android app that delights and hooks users, from drawing low-fidelity wireframes to visualizing high-fidelity manifestations. So, it’s what we call habit-forming technology, and it’s what sets us apart.


We begin working on your project as soon as your concept has matured. That is based on the capabilities, assumptions, and final screen designs, our team of qualified Android developers begins developing. So, for an enjoyable and attractive Android app experience, we use the Agile technique.


Before going live, all code is put through a final smoke test to ensure there are no errors or gaps. Because this is done early in the development cycle, the software becomes less complex as issues with usability, security, compatibility, and performance arise for each sprint/milestone.


Our job does not end after the launch. After that, we communicate frequently to learn about the app’s performance, receive comments, and determine whether any updates are necessary. Our maintenance audit includes cleaning, upgrading, and ensuring that the user is engaged for a longer period of time, as well as routine traffic and server load optimization.

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Our Services At Mobile App Development Company In Lucknow

Concept Design

Indeway collaborates with clients to create concepts for new mobile applications or to re-design current web and desktop applications for mobile use.

Technology Consulting For Mobile Devices

Indeway has a wealth of experience in mobile technology consulting and developing roadmaps for client mobility initiatives. Because we consult with our customers to determine the best mobility platform and set of technologies to use in the development of their integrated mobility solutions.

Mobile Apps Development In Lucknow

Mobile application development of mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Native, hybrid (Cordova, PhoneGap), and cross-platform natively built application frameworks such as Xamarin and ReactNative development experience.

App Localization 

We assist our clients in reaching worldwide audiences by providing a complete user experience through localization. Because it improves the app’s rating in international markets and encourages downloads. We assist our clients in reaching worldwide audiences by providing a complete user experience through localization. It improves the app’s rating in international markets and encourages downloads.

  • Mobile-First & Mobile-Only Solutions
  • MultiLingual
  • RTL Layouts and Text
  • Easy to Update

We have an expert team to take care of the translation of your app content, images, layout, etc. We have a dedicated staff that will handle the translation of your app’s content, pictures, layout, and more from beginning to end. We’ve built and managed apps in over 15 languages with great success. For us, there is no such thing as a foreign language. We can easily handle app localization for right-to-left (RTL) languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. We’ll assist you with the launch of your new app version. We update the translation by detecting new and updated strings.

Apps Analytics 

We are familiar with Firebase Analytics’ breadth and depth, as well as how to extract information about the app’s user experience. The basic execution is straightforward, but finding the target demographic and marketing to them might be difficult.

 App Launch

Indeway owns the entire process of launching mobile apps on public stores (Play Store and iTunes) as well as launching apps for businesses through their Enterprise Mobility Platform.

Hosting & Cloud Deployment

Using AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or on-premise hosting to deploy and host the product. Providing round-the-clock support for cloud-based server deployments, as well as best-in-class monitoring and alerting systems.

Support & Maintenance

In terms of enhancements, upgradation, support for new Android & iOS versions, new device support, issue addressing, and user feedback incorporation, Indeway provides maintenance & support services for its customer mobile apps.

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Mobile App Development Company

Our Mobile Apps Development Services In Lucknow

Android App Development

We’ve developed over 100 Android apps that are utilized by millions of people. From Indeway, we offer end-to-end Android app development services, including enterprise Android app development, Android app upgrade/migration, Android app testing, and Android app support/maintenance.

Ios/iphone App Development

We’ve built over 70 feature-packed iOS and iPad apps. Indeway provides end-to-end iPhone app development services, including enterprise iOS app creation, iOS app upgrade/migration, iOS app testing, and iOS app support/maintenance.

Hybrid App Development

We create hybrid/HTML5 apps with the most up-to-date tools and technology, like PhoneGap, Appcelerator, and Ionic. HTML5 App Development, Hybrid Application Design, Hybrid Application Development, and Hybrid Application Integration are some of the services that Indeway provides to its clients.

Make Your Dream Come True with Mobile App Development Company In Lucknow

We are a professional and experienced group with high goals. We are a group of professionals situated in Lucknow.  Our excellence is something we take pleasure in. You will not be able to achieve mobile success on your own. We’re here to assist you each step of the way, from sketching an idea on paper to executing the best solution and celebrating success with you.

In summary, we’re the type of group that prioritizes outcomes like the best user experience, engagement, user pleasure, retention, and scalability.

We don’t only make apps at Indeway. Dreams are what we build. Let’s get started on creating your own!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your preferred programming languages and frameworks?

We use front-end layout frameworks like bootstrap, design, and material design for web projects, as well as front-end coding frameworks like React or Angular. So, we commonly employ a PHP framework like Laravel or Yii2 on the backend or JavaScript with NodeJS.

Can you work with the designs we already have?

Yes, most likely. So, if at all possible, we prefer to use our own design approach because it allows us to give the highest quality and consistency, but we may be flexible.

Do you also develop web applications?

Yes, practically every mobile app we develop requires a web-based application to run behind the scenes. Have you ever used an app? A web server is running in the background, serving data to the app to determine if you have the authorization to log in or not.

Are you able to build up apps for both iOS and Android?

Yes, the majority of the apps we create are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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